Monday, July 16, 2007

6120 User Review

ok, i have been using the 6120 for more than a week now, and i got a little time for now to jot down my thoughts... (the picture above shows the Nokia 6120 Classic in the middle, 5500 Sport on the left and E50 on the right)


- small and light and i like it
- solid built, except the back cover, it could become loose in time
- keypad is not bad, it is not as small as the E70, but certainly not as big as N95
- the menu key and the C key is a bit difficult to hit, you need time to adjust to it
- screen is about the same as E50, although a little bit wider
- the d-pad is not bad, but it could have been better
- the piano black plastic back cover is a finger print magnet
- camera and the LED flash is decent


- it is basically N95, sans the multimedia menu
- yea it does not have multimedia keys as well
- click the camera button the camera pops up
- menus are fast, almost N95 fast, definitely not like E50
- however, menus maybe N95 fast, but not close to N95 picture rendering and thumbnail rendering

- call clarity is great, but i think N95 is better, that is if your N95 does not hiss
- the 3 java games are great
- and so are the new themes
- battery life is very good compared to N95, seriously, it is very near E50 in spite the smaller capacity
- the panorama picture stitching is not bad, but more of a novelty
- outlook syncing works with PC suite
- video ringtone is a good addition, but i am not such a big fan of it
- loudspeaker is LOUD, N95 loud
- wap using 3G is fast
- connecting as data does not require to put the phone offline
- there is some sort of backlight diffusion in between the keypad (between 5 and 8, ie top to bottom)that annoys me
- the 2.5 mm stereo headset that came with it decent
- there is no USB cable that came with my pack, but i can use any USB cable anyway
- a 256MB microSD card was included, which is better than nothing and better than 64MB
- for USD270, this thing is a steal...
- this thing is the perfect back-up for the E90... who knows you might end up using it more...

if i may add, i would have done better than this but i am a bit busy at the moment, i need to, i got to earn more to get that E90... :lol: