Saturday, June 7, 2008

Which Bluetooth Headset Should I buy?

I have been using BT headset since Ericsson's early BT Headsets (can't even remember the exact model numbers now). And through the years, I have bought many headsets and I have actually formulated a set of questions that I ask myself and used it as a formula in buying a BT Headsets. I am sharing them below, and I hope you find it useful.

There are practically hundreds of Bluetooth (BT) Headsets in the market and often, people will ask, which one is the best or which one should I buy? Well, since there are too many things to consider in choosing one, for example your budget, the functions of the BT headset you want, the color, the size of the headset, and the size of your ears for that matter, and so forth. The best recommendation is actually to consider yourself first, and like me do consider the following things below and ask yourself:

1) Are your ears sensitive with the fit and weight of the headset?

My ears cant take a heavy headset. They hurt after just a couple of minutes wearing heavy headset, hence I always choose the lightest headset I can get. And I also make sure that the hooks are comfortable. This can be very important if you are serious in using your BT Headset.

2) Where are you going to use it? Driving, or more on the office?

I use my headset for driving and for office as well, however, driving is important for me, hence I will tend to get a headset with DSP (Digital Signal Processing) since this technology will filter out unwanted noise. Although, these headsets are more expensive.

3) Do you travel a lot?

For me this important as well, I tend to buy a headset with the same manufacturer of my phone because if I travel, I will bring only 1 charger that works for both phone and headset. Or consider the other way around, I gain an extra charger because, because the charger that came with my BT Headset also works for my phone.

4) Is the BT Headset one of the old ones that are now on sale?

I advise you never buy a BT Headset that is 2.5 years and older, even if the price is ridiculously low. The reason is that the Li-Ion battery has a shelf life of 3 years, and believe me sometimes it is lower than 3 years. Those old BT headsets being sold, will loose their capability to hold charge soon, and BT Headsets batteries are not replaceable, which brings us to the next point;

5) Is the BT Headset pricey?

If so, try not to buy it unless you are that rich! Like it or not, BT headsets are disposable items. A year or 2 is the most that you can get from it if you really use them everyday. After that, since the battery is not replaceable, most are, then it becomes another gadget in the drawer coffin of dead electronic stuffs...

Bluetooth Headsets are wonderful to use and it is no longer just for geeks anymore. It has become mainstream! And, with more and more countries banning the use of cellphones while driving, and in-car bluetooth solutions are becoming more expensive and at times buggy in connecting with your phone, BT Headsets offers a very good alternative and can be very useful a lot of times. Not to mention, that it can be fun to use and is becoming fashionable as well, and speaking of fashion, never buy a BT Headset that looks like a hearing aid! For goodness sake, buy one that looks great and looks good on you and blends well together with your phone. You are the one wearing it anyway, and its bad enough that you look geeky to some, hence be fashionable with it or at least make a fashion statement with it!

S60 Calculator Makeover

The S60 Calculator is about 8 years old. Apparently, there has been practically no major upgrade to it for quite sometime now, except fixing some bugs. Practically, it is still the same as the one from S60 1st editions. However, a new upgrade is coming and lo and behold the new one is actually ported from the new S40 calculator.

If you have Nokia that is sporting a new S40, you will notice that the calculator is so much better than any of the S60 devices and of course the older S40 devices as well. This same S40 Calculator has been ported to S60 and is being tested internally and will soon be released to the public as beta.

All I can say is, well, its about time!!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Interesting Nokia Concept Phones

You have probably seen this phones before in a movie clip as it was presented by Nokia. These photos as now available from Nokia.

These phones are supposed to be constructed from recycled materials.

Monday, June 2, 2008

N96 Take 2!

I will not subscribe to the phrase "Once bitten, twice shy"!

So here I go again- N96 by July!!!

There are strong indications that the N96 will finally be out by July, well N78 will be out this month of June, so I think it is very reasonable that the N96 will be out by July.

Start saving guys!!!