Tuesday, June 10, 2008

iPhone 3G- Twice as Fast, Half the Price, & Still a Third of What It Is Supposed To Be

Yea, after an eternity of seeing a haggard looking Stevie J., the iPhone 3G or the 2nd Generation iPhone is out!

And I was so ready to jump ship and join the band, but alas! It's another lame iPhone... now, dont get me wrong, I love the UI of iPhone, I just hate the feature set.

Yea, you can say I am a tech savvy individual and I have been pampered with what Nokia has been offering, but I simply believe that Stevie has no excuse why the 2nd iPhone is still a retarded smart phone. Does Stevie, wants to make Smart Phones Dumber, just so he can get all those noobs in the smart phone and pda world? Disappointment to the max, indeed...

Of course this iPhone will still sell, to those who are not that looking for state-of-the-art all-powerful device, it will still do you good to get an iPhone, actually in 2.5G or in 3G, for that matter. But for power users and geeks, it just doesn't cut it! Where's the beef, Stevie?

The Apple Fan Boys, will still be all over it for sure, coz they cant help it, they are not Apple Fanatics for nothing, and I don't say that as to belittle them, I can understand the feeling. If you are a fan and can afford it, be proud and loud and stick with it! However, be reasonable as well, and learn to get along with others. And no matter what, I still do like Macs!

+ 3G of course
+ SDK and a whole lotta lovin with developers
+ Bigger Battery Capacity
+ Lower Cost, but the data plan is higher, ugh!
+ New Updated Firmware 2.0, but this will be available even for the iPhone 2.5G

- No MMS
- No A2DP and perhaps a whole lot of other BT Profiles
- Same Camera and still no built-in Video Recording
- No Video Call (3G is for Data only, ugh!)
- No Copy and Paste
- No Multi-tasking
- No contract, No iPhone (well, at least in the US)
- Aluminum Back is gone, replaced by a glossy plastic in black or white
- The Dock is sold separately

I just might buy the old iPhone 2.5G, it is still available here in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia where I am at the moment, however since I will be using 3G it could be a bad idea, but then this 3G iPhone is like a bad karma, geez...

Monday, June 9, 2008

iphone 2- the 2nd coming????

In about 3 hours or so, we will find out if the iPhone 2 will finally be the gadget to have this year, err I mean this month, hehehe, or will it be falling short again as short as the hair in Stevie J's head. Oops, sorry it ain't short, its gone already!!!

Anyways, I am hoping that the New iPhone 2 will have what everybody is wishing:

- 3G

- Better Camera

- True Video Recording

- MMS, A2DP, GPS and a whole lot of other acronyms

Stevie has to walk the walk, and not just talk the talk, because honestly I want to start using Apple again. I used to work for an Apple VAR, but then it came to the point that now Windows feeds me, but Apple remains an apple of my eye of course...