Friday, February 29, 2008

New 6120 Firware V4.21 Now with User Data Preservation

Yup, I am back!

I have not posted much, but I might post something of a review of the New 6120 Software (Firmware- whatever you want to call it)... and the 1st BIG Thing that I immediately noticed is that it kept all my data intact!

Yup! 6120 has User Data Preservation just like N82... what does UDP does? well, as the name it self, it keeps all your data the way it is even if you update your phone's software... unlike before, if you make an update, you have to reinstall all your 3rd party applications and have to do a restore of your data from your backup (backup being either in your Nokia PC Suite or in your Memory card)...

1st Impressions in a quicky-> the menu is faster and there is a new item in the Contacts- press Options and scroll donwn you will see Synchronization...

and if you are wondring about the 6120 pics above, well it's NOT even a real 6120! that is a FAKE 6120!

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