Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Going Nokialgia!

Yup, i don't know what came over me, but I saw this Old Nokia 6100, and I remember that I have always wanted to own one, so I just bought an a brand new, old Nokia 6100

Its still is one of the smallest nokia phone available and since i still need a camera-less phone once in a while, and i need to carry a 2nd phone, this simply fits the tag and it is still a wonderful device, worth every cents!

The guys that i bough it with still have about 3 boxes and they say, the 6100, 6310i and 3310 are the old Nokia handsets that some people will still buy or are looking for after all these years!

Even the 2nd hand are still going fast!

Nostalgia is good, but Nokialgia is better...


gwapz said...

Love that phone.. But the arabic markings kills it fried. hehehe! No pun intended..

friedbrains said...

i will have that replaced for sure!

Salafi Scientist said...

6310i was a classic! All my Saudi friends had one!