Wednesday, June 18, 2008

New Nokia Secret Code: *#9990#

This new code works only with Nokia handsets with Bluetooth (BT) because it is related to Bluetooth.

If you press *#9990# on the standby screen you will get "Bluetooth test mode" and then basically what you can do is press "Ok" on the left selection key.

I am not so sure what exactly it does, aside perhaps silently checking your phone's BT module.

I just wonder, what happens if you have a defective BT???


Piyush said...

hey i've a phone nokia 2600c classic when i enter this code *#9990# my bluetooth is showing abnormal behaviour. pls help

ar said...

I tried this code for my Nokia 6085 imei number is 353230016112597 with Rogers Canada Nokia BB5 Unlocking Service & it doesnt work for me then i know that it ask for the n/w code so i found the code from unlocking4u