Monday, July 7, 2008

TAT Kastor UI for S60

Today TAT (The Astonishing Tribe) annouced that S60 will use their highly fancied Kastor UI, confirming rumors that has been circulating for almost the past 2 months... I am quoting directly from the news report form TAT.

July 7, 2008

S60 has chosen TAT

TAT’s technology enables S60 developers to push UI boundaries to even greater heights. Developers can now easily add advanced graphics such as 3D, change effects and also add skins without having to change existing software or add expensive hardware.

TAT Kastor, the next generation UI rendering platform, is now available on the S60 mobile platform. The benefits from TAT Kastor address the need to render advanced graphics on any type of color screens. This allows handset vendors to offer devices with sophisticated and graphically animated user interfaces, without major changes to the software or need for advanced hardware. By pushing graphics to advanced screens more efficiently than traditional software, TAT Kastor on the S60 mobile platform makes the user interface look more advanced than the hardware normally would allow. And importantly, it does so without extensive changes to existing software.

News Source-> TAT News

The only question now, is when, where and how are we going to have this in our existing S60 devices?

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Anonymous said...

The most probable answer to the "only question" is that we probably won't have this on existing phones. It's probably aimed only for future S60 devices.