Thursday, August 7, 2008

How to Change Your S60 Phones Software or Unbrand it Legitimately

Most of you know that if you get an S60 Nokia phone from a service provider or operator like AT&T, T-mobile, and hundreds of others out there, the phone that you get is "SIM-locked" (meaning it can only use a SIM card from the operator whom you got the phone) and chances are some of these S60 Nokia phones also have an Operator Branded Software in it, wherein sometimes or most of the time the operator will limit some functions of these phones or basically it is the provider that dictates what will be in the software. The software is NOT the same from what you normally find on standard generic unlocked sim-free S60 Nokia phone.

Most of you know that that there is way to be able to remove the operator branded software and get the generic S60 software. However, by doing this, your phone's warranty get invalidated and you are still SIM-locked, and basically this is not legal and there is also a chance that you brick your phone!

Now, I don't know how many of you knows this? But, to those who do not know, and would want to know the legitimate way to unbrand their S60 phones here are the simple, but somewhat not that easy steps:
  1. Get a written consent from the operator who supplied you the phone that you can change the software.
  2. Get the phone unlocked by the operator.
  3. Together with this written consent, bring your now unlocked S60 phone to the nearest Official Nokia Care Point. NCP will change your phone's code and subsequently change your software to the standard generic Nokia S60 software. Also a new product ID label will be produced reflecting this change.

Of course, any legal or financial matters that you need to settle with your operator before they give you the unlock code and this consent paper is between you and your operator.

Sometimes doing the right thing is not easy, working honestly is also sometimes not easy, but we do it anyway, because we know it is the right way....
Anyway, I just want to share this and I hope this helps you unbranding your phone legitimately...


giancian said...

The unoficial way to do it (if the carrier won't let you):

1-Buy an X-Sim. It's a small circuit that goes between your SIM and your phone, effectively unlocking it.

2-Use Nemesis Service Suite to change your phones country code to EURO1 or something and then run Nokia Software Update. You'll get the latest unbranded firmware.

Step 1 won't invalidate your warranty, you can just take out the X-Sim. But I think step 2 will.

You can find tutorials to do the above at Nokia forums and other sites!

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