Friday, September 19, 2008

Leaked Nokia E-72 and E-75 Videos

no need for words, just watch...


Anonymous said...

The E75 is a piece of shit

Cousin Dave said...

I completely agree with you. It does nothing well, it slows down and hangs all the time, constant memory or too many active connections errors.

Not enough internal phone memory to operate smoothly. The asterisk key won't work so therefore it won't unlock.

This afternoon I finally had it with this phone. After 3 months of ownership of a Nokia e75 I am done with this phone. I proceeded to throw this $500 piece of crap across a parking lot, then I stomped on it and smashed it a couple of times with a screw driver.

This leads me to the only praise that I have for this phone. It is extremely tough, after all that the slider is still fully intact and functioning smoothly, and the screen has a few cracks but still works.

The chrome ring has been dented and the bottom section has broken off (that part is plastic).

My disclaimer to anyone considering this phone is to step away from the counter, buy now button or whatever else.

This thing is the reason that after 6 years of owning nothing but Nokia smartphones (and spending approximately $1500 during that time), that I am moving on to something else.

I am really disappointed with their lack of support and I am referring to their own support forums.

At this point I am going to go purchase the cheapest phone that I can find from any manufacturer other than Nokia.

Good luck to all.